• Adriaan Walpot

5 ways to create a seamless flow, number 3 will blow your mind.

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

There are many ways to create powerful experiences.

Here you find 5 that are very close to my heart, and hopefully yours.

Insight 1.

Realize that online and physical experiences are one and the same.

Every experience exists of a set of data exchange, sensory experiences, emotions and more.

For example, even in a digital interaction, having to type the same information twice is a very sensory effort.

As such, this event can trigger strong emotions and translate to unwanted associations with your brand.

The advantage of a pure digital interaction is then that you have much more control about the likely scenario's: testing is key.

Of course, the sensory data input is much richer with an experience in the physical world.

For every interaction in between, i.e. in the so-called "phygital world", you can notice that the richer you allow the interaction to be, the more scenario's you have to cover.

How the experience gets encoded to an emotion in the memory of your customer becomes more direct and less predictable the more you move from digital to phygital.

Insight 2.

Predictability is key.

The ying and yang of a good user experience happens in the middle of the battlefield between innovation and standardization.

Leave one of the 2 elements out, and you will not be able to offer true value to your customer.

Either you risk to not create strong value, because you do not achieve a real unique value proposition for your client.

Or you may actually be about to destroy value, by creating unnecessary roadblocks in the user experience, if you would not adopt and share best practices that lets customers experience your services with minimal effort.

Instead, your unique value should be in a very focused area where you can exceed the contribution of anyone else. For all the rest, default on standard best practices. That creates the predictability that customers truly cherish.

Relying on standard best practices applies to everything from communication, procedures, data flow, API services, IT security to pricing strategy.

Insight 3.

It's all about the story.

It is amazing how the story drives the experience.

Of course, a good story can only move an experience to where it is already headed.

This reminds me of a symbolic gesture that we did with our project team once during a team BBQ, after a challenging delivery.

Our developers delivered a beautiful product that our client could build on.

The road to that destination created many emotions, however, that needed to be addressed.

So after dinner, we put a block of ice on the hot BBQ, with in the middle of that giant ice cube a charcoal frozen into it.

As the ice melted away, we likewise let go of the negative emotions that certain events had created.

As we saw the remaining charcoal starting to glow, we appreciated how our contribution did its work in the end.

This was a very symbolic gesture, of course, where the act was supported by the story that we told with it. In a more everyday scenario, it is a strong identity and character that oozes into every service driving the business forward. A business who can pull this off consistently supports a seamless experience, as we can see in the next point.

Sometimes a powerful story can guide the experience in surprising ways.

Insight 4

Everything is a service.

When you engineer your services as a set of (sub)-services, you gain true mastery of what you offer to your clients. This means that you also gain the flexibility to adopt your services to the new market situation. As a result, new technologies, fresh customer insights, needed price optimizations and shifting market segments become accessible to you in the long run.

Insight 5

"Do or do not, there is no try."

That is a quote from Yoda.


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