• Adriaan Walpot

Black & Blue

Today I came across an interesting quote from one of my favorite Roman writers, the stoic philosopher Seneca.

"Non potest athleta magnos spiritus ad certamem adferre, qui numquam sugilllatus est."

An athlete who has never been beaten black & blue will not bring a lot of fighting spirit to the battle.

There is a lot to say about that. For example, in good storytelling, the greatness of the hero is always linked to the size of its opponent. In the same way, this truth applies to real business initiatives as well.

Specifically, the value of lean digital development, user experience optimization and related business process improvements is fully proportional to the problems that its solves.

By contrast, if a project or a re-engineering exercise does not create an impactful change, then it may be that the right areas for improvement have not been fully identified at the start.

In this situation, the organization is well served with targeted change management initiatives to muster the courage to face the changes that it is trying to avoid and that the market demands.

Once implemented, these new and smooth processes, web services, data integration and customer flows are now the new base level.

Or the new Black. And Blue.

Pitching is the ideal "black & blue beating" experience. In this hotel lobby, I'm practicing a pitch. This time it's easy for me, however, as this is the same pitch that I delivered to a crowd of 500 people earlier. The only difference then was that you could see me more properly dressed for the occasion, and standing on a podium instead of a coffee table.


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